Journeys in Grey (Development Journal)

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@kyle_itzy Hanging the pirates went out of style in the 1700s. What is your suggestion? #exaggerated #humor #gamedev

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Trying to come up with a good resource management system that’ll work for desktops, laptops, and tablets is difficult. #programming #gamedev

Hammering away on code and art

More art for Of Stranger Flames. The art theme is 'rough wooden structures'. [Read more]

Some new tile art, a new concept town sketch, and code architectural change

I got some work done the past week or two. Not as much as I was hoping to, but at least I got something done. =) Code architecture, city concept sketches, new pixel art, and other work. [Read more]

Layers interacting with the editor

I've been having loads of difficulty getting the "game" part of the code interacting with the "editor" part of the code, but I've finally hit on a decent solution. Such interface-to-system messaging is a problem I usually have with my not-thought-through architectures, but I'm getting better at it... though I still should probably sit down with a few higher-level architectural software engineering books - it'd do me good. [Read more]

Cooperative project

After Of Stranger Flames, I intend to undertake one or more game projects where I am fully partnered to another person, working together instead being some kind of 'lone-wolf' developer... [Read more]

Announcing 'Of Stranger Flames'

Of Stranger Flames is a 2D turn-based RPG with action elements, set in a para-historical world. It has been in part-time development for a year and a half, and full time development for nine months. It is still under heavy development; check it out at [Read more]